$25.7 million in grants and scholarships has been awarded to over 23,000 students over the past 52 years.

·                  87.6% of students are enrolled in post-secondary education in Pennsylvania

·                  12.4% of students are enrolled in post-secondary education out of state

·                  45.7% of grants were awarded to freshmen

·                  21.5% of grants were awarded to sophomores

·                  16.4% of grants were awarded to juniors

·                  15.7% of awards were awarded to seniors

Programs and Services:

120       Number of students that went on the 9th Annual NEED HBCU Tour in spring of 2015.

13         Number of Historically Black Colleges and Universities visited on the 2015 HBCU Tour.

10         Number of Civil Rights Museums and sites visited on the HCUBU Tour

15   Number of female students who returned to participate in the fourth year of NEED’s Science Technology Engineering and Math (STEM) female mentoring program.

               14    Number of students participating in teen parenting program                                                             Future NEED Scholars

209     Number of students who participated in the African American Male Mentoring Initiative (AAMMI) Program during the 2014-2015 school year.

4652      Number of students receiving direct college and career access services in the 18 Western Pennsylvania schools where the Access to College and Career Education (ACE) Program is active.

97         Number of high schools in 9 counties where students are receiving scholarship/grant services from NEED.

Scholarships and Grants:

1051 applications were received in 2014-2015

            89% of these applicants were qualified to receive financial assistance

            35% of these qualified applicants were turned away due to lack of funds

$7357 is the average unmet NEED of applicants

607 Students received financial assistance from NEED in the 2014-2015 academic school year with an average award amount of $1453. Awards ranged from $500- $6750 with the majority of students receiving $1000- $2500.

$1,208,745 was awarded in grants to NEED students in the 2014-2015 academic school year

(a portion of this scholarship amount is matched by the PHEAA/PATH program).


$10,564,303 was facilitated in Federal, State and Institutional Financial Aid

280       Number of post-secondary institutions where NEED recipients are enrolled over the past 10 years.

117 (51%) of these institutions are located within Pennsylvania.

25   post-secondary institutions were HBCU Schools.