There are many ways that you can contribute to the NEED organization. No matter the size the gift you are able to contribute, NEED appreciates and welcomes your kindness

Annual Giving Corporate Campaigns


NEED is registered as an Educational Improvement Organization through the state of Pennsylvania, and therefore is certified to receive EITC from corporations that would like to designate them for NEED.

What is EITC?

Enacted in 2001, the Educational Improvement Tax Credit (EITC) provides a tax credit to businesses that pay Pennsylvania's corporate income tax for contributions to scholarship organizations that give private-school scholarships to eligible children.

How Do I apply for EITC?

The application form is available through the Department of Community and Economic Development at (717) 787-7120 or at Select EITC Business Guidelines for further information and the application form.


Adopt-a-Student Program

 Through NEED’s Adopt-A-Student Program, individuals, churches, corporations, foundations, civic groups and social groups all have the opportunity to support a NEED scholar in their journey to higher education. A sponsorship can go beyond just a financial contribution, as the sponsor will have the option to become a mentor and counselor to their student. Either way, every sponsor can be assured that they will have a profound and personal impact on someone’s life.

To be a sponsor, you or your organization must make a $1,000 commitment per year for four years. While you have the option to remain anonymous, a relationship in which you can mentor and counsel your aspiring student is mutually beneficial for you both. You will also receive a yearly student progress report so you can share in the development and impact that your student will make. NEED will select the student and subsequently submit his/her name to a sponsor.

Each student will submit a NEED application form, an income form, a release form, and his/her most recent official school transcript. He/she must attend an approved postsecondary (college, business, trade or technical) school program and will be expected to remain in good academic standing. If for some reason the student becomes ineligible, a replacement will be made by NEED with the approval of the sponsor.



NEED manages special scholarships for outside organizations including corporations, colleges and universities, civic and social groups and individuals. If you are interested in establishing an Scholarship, please call us at 412-566-2760



Starting a named endowed fund in the NEED endowment is the ideal way to ensure that your contribution supports the organization for years to come. If you are interested in establishing an endowment, please call us at 412-566-2760


In-Kind Donations

Utilize your personal and professional connections to facilitate and/or participate in sponsorship of event spaces, printing or design of promotional materials, or other services or items you would like to provide in-kind.

If you have any questions or would like any additional information on these ways to give, please contact the NEED office at 412-566-2760.