While in the past years NEED has been “Bridging the Gap” and “Lighting the Way,” this year we are proud to be “Building On Our Legacy.”

While NEED comes from a historical background of struggle and turbulent times, the organization has developed a legacy that includes valuable college and career access for our region’s youth, as well as powerful mentoring and workforce diversity programs and an established educational tour to Historically Black Colleges and Universities. NEED has seen remarkable growth in our efforts to address many of the barriers to higher education through the growth of these programs and services. We have plans to expand these programs further to reach even more students as we continue to Build On Our Legacy for years to come. NEED has done so much for so long, with so little, we are now qualified to do anything.

As reported by Kathleen and Grant Oliphant back in April 2010, there is a quiet force at work every day making the Pittsburgh region a better place. Its achievements have touched and transformed countless lives.  The NEED organization would like to think we are among one of the many nonprofit organizations making a difference.

NEED has been a quiet force in this community for 53 years.  We have been blessed along with the young people and families we serve.  We realize these are some difficult economic times and a decline in philanthropic support for many nonprofits.  At the same time, we here at NEED are offering a ray of essential service.  With the rise and fall in federal support for students attending college, more people are turning to NEED.  This need also increases due to a rise in African American males who are expressing an interest in higher education, but are not able to qualify for much financial support.

The programs and services that we provided this year would not have been possible without the generous contributions of foundations, individuals, civic and social groups, and corporate sponsors. We thank you for recognizing the worthiness of our mission and we ask for your continued support.

Finally we would like to express our gratitude to the NEED Staff and Board of Directors, for their continued hard work and dedication in support of NEED.